Just a super location near the bike trail Long Pond, Seymour Pond and Sheep Pond at Fisherman’s Landing! Quick, convenient access to the mid-Cape Highway exit 10 (with Park and Ride parking). Roomy 4 bedroom home with wood floors, fireplace, dining area off of kitchen, sliders to deck. Second floor addition offers two large bedrooms and large bath. The full walk out basement is wonderful space for a variety of finishes. Septic System has been inspected and has passed for four bedroom capacity.

This is a Ranch style home and features 7 total rooms, 2 full baths, 4 bedrooms, 1.00 Acres, and is currently available for $389,000.

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A home is more than your castle. It’s the place that may have the greatest impact on you,packing a bigger emotional and psychological wallop than your workplace. Whether you recognize it or not, colors, textures, sounds, designs and scents greet and surround you the entire time that you’re inside your house.

Your house could be bringing your mood up or down

Each room offers a different feeling. Test it out the next time you’re home. Notice if you feel more relaxed and open while sitting on the sofa in your den or family room compared to how you feel in the dining room or living room, especially if your dining room and living room have a more elegant or sophisticated look than your den has.

But, it’s not just colors, textures, designs, sights and sounds that influence your mood.The level of cleanliness and order in your house also impacts the way that you feel. Similar to how a cloudy day can cause you to feel less energetic and hopeful, too much clutter, disorganization and dirtiness can cause you to feel confined and out of sorts.

According to a Psychology Today report, messiness can create stress, anxiety, guilt and frustration in humans. You can feel guilty if your home is messy and you can’t find important documents and are late to meetings. Productivity and creativity also drop when you are in an unclean environment. Struggle to concentrate is another byproduct of a dirty home.

Those are psychological impacts that a dirty or cluttered home can have on you. There are physical outcomes to living in a dirty or cluttered house. Dirt and clutter can agitate allergens. It can invite bacteria into your home, contaminating food and living spaces. Pests, including insects, bed bugs and rodents can find hiding places in your home if your house becomes too dirty or too cluttered.

More benefits of keeping a clean home

These critters can bring a host of contaminants inside your house. If your house is too dirty, you may not notice that you have pests and have a false belief that your house is cleaner than it actually is. Left to themselves, pests can chew holes into your walls, infiltrate bed linen and carpet and crawl on your skin. Cockroaches, ants and bed bugs alone are enough of a nuisance to motivate you to conduct a thorough cleaning of your home.

Get into the habit of cleaning your home from top to bottom at least twice a year. This includes cleaning the attic, basement and garage. During these thorough cleanings, also clean your gutters. It can reduce the amount of time that you devote to weekly house cleanings.

Regular house cleanings also help to keep your home’s value at optimum levels, putting you in a good position should you decide to put your house on the market. After all, people will pay more for a clean house that looks like it has been cared for regularly, than they will a house that looks run down.

If you think back to when you first bought your house, you may easily recall just how you felt as you stood in a certain room. Those emotions are still present. They’re just buried beneath habits and busyness. Give yourself the chance to step into newness. Gift yourself with a new start by giving your home a thorough cleaning. Empower yourself further by removing clutter from your home.

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